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Best Bug Bounty Platforms 2022

Best Bug Bounty Platforms 2022

Best Bug Bounty Platforms 2022

Cybersecurity has always been at the center of security researchers’ attention and continues to be a hot topic with time. And though, in this day and age, companies have a large variety of options to choose from different defensive technology mechanisms available in the market; still, no organization can claim absolute safety and protection against possible hacking attacks. It’s mainly connected to the complex and challenging process of building a risk-free security system that can manage to stay out of cybercriminals’ sight. In addition, there will always be unknown bugs, flaws, and threats inside every foundation developers create, making some of the system’s components vulnerable to hacking.

That’s why even the top-tier tech organizations should be ready for occasional dangers and need to implement as many safety measures as possible, including¬†bug bounty¬†programs and services.

Here we will review some of the best bug bounty platforms, features, and services. So, let’s begin.

What is a Bug Bounty Program?

Recently, bug bounty programs have taken the whole cybersecurity world by storm. As a result, the demand for outside white hackers who can identify and find bugs and vulnerabilities of the project is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the number of bug bounty platforms and programs also increases, giving both the developers and individual ethical hackers a convenient solution for their problems. Due to these programs, developers can get a report of identified exploits and prevent future damages, while ethical hackers can receive rewards and gain reputation points.

But why are these programs so popular? The reason is more than simple. To crack and discover all vulnerable and weak elements of the project, thinking and acting like a hacker is the best solution. So, hiring a professional who can sound out all the ins and outs of data networks and applications similarly to real attackers and find the security exploits is one of the most secure and effective options worth trying.

In general, most internet bug bounty programs are paid and reward individuals reporting security vulnerabilities with bug bounties or previously decided compensation amounts according to the company’s regulations.

Bug Bounty Platform: Overview

The platforms hosting bug bounty programs facilitate the management and creation of the program and provide the users a convenient space for discussions. In addition, organizations can use them to offer experienced users incentives to test and report vulnerabilities in their data resources and products such as browser applications, software, digital assets, and web service. Furthermore, in this way, businesses can ensure product quality and reduce risk by rewarding community participation.

Bug bounty platforms are the best choice for businesses, which can test bugs and, at the same time, avoid exposing sensitive data by allowing bounty platforms to cover the entire technology system. Moreover, most platforms also provide penetration testing services to help businesses find vulnerabilities that can lead to a data exploit.

Top Bug Bounty Platforms

Typically, there are two options the organizations can use for launching a bug bounty program.

  1. Using a bug bounty platform
  2. Hosting a bug bounty program independently

However, self-hosted bug programs lack many aspects compared to already distinguished platforms. As a result, they can be not convincing enough and, in most cases, fail to prove their reliability and transparency. That’s why bug bounty platforms fully managed by the host firms are still the secure and risk-free option.


One of the most popular and secure platforms for launching a bug bounty program is Hackerone. They provide multiple features, including creating your bounty program and connecting with the hackers.

Here, you can choose to use HackerOne’s platform to manage the vulnerability reports and deal with them independently or let the platform’s professionals do all the work. This process is also known as triaging, which covers analyzing and verifying the reports and communicating with security researchers.


Another dominant name in the bug bounty world is indeed Bugcrowd. It offers various solutions from security assessments, including bug bounty. In addition, the bug bounty platform of Bugcrowd provides its customers with a SaaS service that integrates into the project’s existing software lifecycle and turns it into a snap for running a secure bug bounty program.

Furthermore, here you can choose between private and public programs. The first option allows you to select from a carefully chosen list of hackers, while the public program is available for everyone interested.

Open Bug Bounty

Open Bug Bounty is a disintermediated, cost-free, open, and community-driven platform. It provides coordinated vulnerability disclosure that is compatible with ISO 29147. Furthermore, various tech giants like Philips, IKEA, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc., have already used the platform’s services to resolve and fix critical vulnerabilities and complex security issues within their projects, including SQL injections and XSS vulnerabilities.


If you are looking for something more except for mere vulnerability discovery, then Synack is the best option. Alongside bug bounty services, it also provides security guidance and management staff training at the top level.

The security program Hack the Pentagon that led to the discovery of multiple critical vulnerabilities remains the popular highlight of Synack’s history.


This bounty platform comes with automation tools and personalized support to facilitate the project scale-up and drive agility. In addition, the platform of YesWeHack offers training for company staff to empower them by connecting with world-level professionals.

Moreover, here you can find a rank system designed for bug bounty hunters, which helps increase the competition between security experts by ethically using their hacking skills.


SafeHats is a recommended option for those entrepreneurs who don’t want to make their bug bounty program public but, at the same time, require more attention compared to general bug bounty platforms.

Here you will find many services, including a dedicated security advisor, invite-only participation, and in-depth hacker profiles.


Intigriti is one of the top crowdsourced security firms specializing in bug bounty and ethical hacking. Currently, it connects more than 15.000 white hat hackers from 135 countries worldwide with businesses to test and protect their data resources and projects. As a result, Intigrity allows its customers to rest assured and experience the convenience of constant security assessments.

Additionally, the platform has a weekly newsletter for bounty hunters, covering various articles, POCs, and write-ups to improve and strengthen the power of the bug bounty community.


It is the youngest platform among other names and part of the Hacken Ecosystem. HackenProof comes with projects that empower the cybersecurity field from all possible sides, including a bug bounty program, cybersecurity conference HackIT, crypto exchange analytical ranking platform, and cyber school.

Furthermore, the Morpheus network also announced their partnership with Hacken to strengthen and improve their security measures one level higher.

FAQ Section

What is bug bounty hunting?

Generally, bounty hunting refers to the deals offered by different companies, websites, developers, and organizations by which ethical hackers can submit bugs leading to a security incident and receive bounties.

What is bug bounty?

Bug bounties are the reward individuals get after identifying security vulnerabilities in a computer system or software and reporting them to the founders of the bounty program.

How much do bug bounty hunters earn?

The amount of compensation and rewards depends mainly on the size and importance of the discovered vulnerability. Generally, a bug hunter gets paid around $300 per exploited vulnerability.

Does Microsoft pay you if you find a bug?

Microsoft has various bug bounty programs that are public, and anyone who can find a bug meeting the company’s requirements will surely get compensation according to the program description.